Depth Effect wallpapers for iOS 16 Lock Screen (Newly added)

Three iPhone screens having Depth Effect Lock Screen wallpapers on them

iOS 16 is here and comes with many new features. But one thing that grabbed my attention was the depth effect for the wallpapers on the Lock Screen.    

So what’s the depth effect on Lock Screen wallpapers on iOS 16? It is a feature that can detect the subject from an image, lift it from the background, and sometimes place it ahead of the clock. Or, in much simpler terms, it gives a 3D effect to your Lock Screen wallpaper and provides you with a never-before-like experience.   

That’s why we bring you some cool wallpapers for your iPhone’s Lock Screen that can work with the Depth Effect. So let’s get started!   

How to download: To get these iOS 16 lock screen wallpaper on iPhone, tap Download and set it as your wallpaper.

Turn on Depth Effect for iPhone Lock Screen wallpaper

Before you move ahead, ensure that you have enabled the Depth Effect. Here’s how you can check it:   

  1. Unlock your iPhone with Touch ID or Face ID.   
  2. Make sure you stay on the Lock Screen.
  3. Tap Customize.   
  4. Now, tap the three dots at the bottom right.   
  5. Make sure Depth Effect has a tick mark next to it.    

Note: Even after enabling the Depth Effect, it may not work on some images since iOS 16 still needs some polishing. Check out this article if Depth Effect is not working on your iPhone’s Lock Screen.

Hey, yeah you. We update this page weekly with new wallpapers that work with Depth Effect on your iPhone Lock Screen. Want to see the newly added ones? Click here 🚡

1. Cute dog wallpaper for iOS 16 Lock Screen

I love dogs a lot, and we are already friends if you also love them! And combined with the cuteness of the dog and the powers of the depth effect in iOS 16 Lock Screen, you get the cutest Lock Screen!  

Cute dog wallpaper for iOS 16 Lock Screen


2. Baby joker depth effect wallpaper 

Even if you haven’t watched any of the Batman movies and series or read the comics, I’m sure you will know who Joker is. This character has always been selected by many for cosplaying.

In this wallpaper, you can see a baby cosplaying as the Joker. And it is cool and great at the same time. So download it now!  

Baby Jocker Depth Effect wallpaper


3. Spiderman vs. Iron Man Lock Screen wallpaper

We all have once dreamed of being in the suits of Spiderman or Iron Man someday. As someone who grew up watching movies and shows with these characters, these two will always be close to me.

And what’s best than having them together on your iPhone Lock Screen? This wallpaper is waiting for you to try!  

Spiderman vs. Iron Man wallpaper for iOS 16


4. Proposing dog

There’s no doubt that dogs are one of the cutest, and what if it also has flower? Then you have one of the cutest iOS 16 Lock Screen wallpaper on your iPhone! 

Dog with flower wallpaper for iPhone


5. Batman wallpaper for iPhone Lock Screen

My favorite comic book character is Batman, and I have always been a sucker for reading comics and watching his movies and series. And if you are also a Batman fan like me, or even a little bit less, you can check out this wallpaper.  

Batman wallpaper for iOS 16 Lock Screen


6. Cool Zombie wallpaper

Anything Zombie related always gets me excited (except for an actual Zombie outbreak). Be it games, movies, series, or even wallpaper. But instead of always being scary, it’s also cool to see the funky side of zombies. With this wallpaper, you can have a funky zombie on your iPhone’s Lock Screen.   

Cool Zombie wallpaper for iPhone


7. Thanos wallpaper for iPhone

I need to be honest. When dealing with annoying people, I sometimes think that Thanos was right. While discussing that is a topic for another day, enjoy this Thanos wallpaper for your iPhone’s lock screen.

Thanos wallpaper for iPhone


8. Anonymous iOS 16 wallpaper

Before Joker became famous, there was Anonymous, who had the attention of many. And if you are still a fan of Anonymous, here’s a wallpaper for you.  

Anonymous iOS 16 wallpaper


9. Red Hood HD depth effect wallpaper

Many may not know Red Hood, but those who know him will understand how cool the character is. Everything is badass when it comes to this character. Be it his origin story or his moves.

If you are a fan of this character, show off that with this wallpaper.  

Red Hood HD Depth Effect wallpaper


10. Sneaker wallpaper

It’s time to show off how much of a sneakerhead you are with this cool wallpaper.  

Sneaker Depth wallpaper for iOS 16


11. Woman in space suit

Want something Sci-Fi, something that gives you a feel of you are watching a story? Then this wallpaper should be on your iPhone’s Lock Screen.

Depth Effect wallpaper showing a woman wearing a White space suite
Source: Ben Collins / Unsplash


12. Woman holding a magnifying glass

If you are looking for something funky and cool, then you need to check this wallpaper out. This, combined with the Perspective zoom effect when you open the Lock Screen, is something you need to experience in person. So why wait? Download now!

Depth Effect working on wallpaper woman Holding a Magnifying Glass
Source: cottonbro / Pexels


13. Ice cream iPhone Depth Effect wallpaper

Is your iPhone overheating? Then use this wallpaper. No, actually, check our guide to solve iPhone overheating, and when things cool off, you can use this wallpaper. And for people who have cravings for ice cream, you already know what to do.

Source: ian dooley / Unsplash


14. Abstract flower wallpaper

iPhone is a beauty of its own, and I think the wallpaper you use on your Lock Screen should also speak that beauty. And what’s there to express beauty other than flowers? This is the perfect combination of both worlds if you are a fan of abstract wallpapers and flowers. So why wait? Download now!

iOS 16 Lock Screen wallpaper showing A beautiful Zantedeschia Aethiopica
Source: Sander Weeteling / Unsplash


15. Beautiful girl in swimming pool

Appreciating beauty is never a crime, and if you are looking for a beautiful wallpaper, here’s one that also goes well with the Depth Effect of the iOS 16 Lock Screen.

Source: Kenneth Surillo / Pexels


That’s it!   

So how are these depth-effect wallpapers? I’m pretty sure you will be in love with them, but which is the one you decided to go with? Let me know in the comments.

Special tip: While you can put any picture as a Lock Screen wallpaper, this effect won’t work on every picture. Basically, the algorithm usually recognizes only singular subjects, so try to avoid an image with lots of movements.

Here are some more wallpapers for you to check out:

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