11 Times Apple Watch saved lives: Which features came to the rescue?

Apple Watch saved lives

Apple has always focused on users’ well-being and developed advanced health-related features. The Apple Watch has been a game-changer in this space, offering various features that have even saved lives. From detecting irregular heartbeats to alerting emergency services, the Apple Watch has proven to be much more than a mere accessory. 

In this article, I will share some real-life incidents of Apple Watch saving life and the features that have come to the rescue. Also, examine how the Apple Watch has significantly impacted the health and well-being of its users.

Incidents where Apple Watch saved a life

There is a lot of news coverage on how Apple Watch has been saving lives thanks to its extensive health monitoring features. Few survivors thanked CEO Tim Cook for this fantastic wearable; in some cases, Cook also replied, showing gratitude. Let’s go through such cases that made headlines.

1. Apple Watch saves owner’s life from fatal internal bleeding 

The Apple Watch Series 7 alerted a user about a racing pulse after a nap, which discovered significant internal bleeding and ultimately saved his life. He said that a week before, he had his iPhone and watch set to do not disturb for work. When he went to lunch, he was exhausted and had a little sleep on his sofa.

After waking up from his slumber, the owner examined his notifications and saw at least 10 alerts that indicated his heart was pounding. So he scheduled a brief video consultation with his doctor. The doctor had him check his oxygen levels and pulse rates before making a 911 call on his behalf.

After that, the Emergency medical services (EMS) initially reported a heart attack, but it turned out to be GI bleeding. They said that if he hadn’t arrived for a transfusion at the appropriate time, he wouldn’t have survived due to severe internal bleeding.

News covered by Economic Times

2. Apple Watch helps a woman detect blockage in her heart

The Apple Watch’s ECG health features helped identify an unrecognized heart blockage, saving Elaine Thompson from Gateshead, England life. She got frequent warnings for an abnormal cardiac beat on her Apple Watch. So, she went to the cardiologist as a precaution. There the doctor equipped her with a heart monitor to check her heart rhythms for a week. 

One night while sleeping, her heart stopped for 19 seconds, and her cardiac monitor sent an emergency alert to the hospital. After being taken urgently to the hospital, an examination showed that she had a blockage in her heart. After that, physicians gave her more medication and implanted a pacemaker in her heart to aid her condition.

News covered by The Independent

3. A dentist’s life was saved by detecting 99.9% of artery blockage

A dentist called Nitesh Chopra, a native of Haryana in India, was rescued by his Apple Watch. On March 12, 2023, Chopra used his Apple Watch to do an ECG, experiencing chest problems. The doctor analyzed the report and discovered that he had 99.9% blocked arteries. So, immediately he went for heart surgery to place a stent and then made it safely home.

The watch had been warning that Chopra had arrhythmia for some time, but he ignored it. But he got concerned when the watch started transmitting frequent alarms on March 12. Later, the doctor’s wife also emailed Apple CEO Tim Cook a thank-you message after the watch saved her husband’s life. 

Cook replied, “I’m delighted you got medical care and received the needed therapy. We appreciate you telling us your story. Good luck. Tim”.

News covered by Economic Times

4. Apple Watch detected blood clots in the lungs of a Cleveland man

Ken Counihan from Cleveland credited Apple Watch with discovering a reduction in his blood oxygen levels. He used to measure sleep, workouts, and other health markers with his Apple Watch. In October 2022, the watch informed him that his respiration had risen. 

Then as per his son’s advice, he got checked at an outpatient facility and did an X-ray. The doctors prescribed some bronchitis medications at the time. The watch, however, notified him once again that his blood oxygen level was decreasing. So, he went for ER scans, and doctors found that his lungs had blood clots. 

The doctor said that 60% of people with this condition at that stage didn’t survive if not diagnosed at the right time.

News covered by News 5 Cleveland

5. New Hampshire resident got saved after plunging into the ice

William Rogers lost his balance while skating on the ice of the Salmon Falls River. He repeatedly tried to get himself out of the water, but the ice kept rupturing under him. After considering his alternatives, Rogers realized that he had his Apple Watch with him. 

He didn’t have much time before hypothermia would set in. So, he immediately called for help from his Apple Watch as it was water-resistant and could be immersed without losing functionality.

News covered by CBS

6. Apple Watch detected blood clots of a Georgian guy

A Georgian, Keith Simpson, one day began to experience sickness. He said his wife had commented that he was flushed, so he used his Apple Watch to check his pulse rate. His heart rate had plummeted below average, and his Apple Watch advised him to seek medical assistance. 

He was diagnosed with seven blood clots in the hospital, all of which were treatable. Simpson believes the Apple Watch saved his life by suggesting to seek assistance, even if it didn’t immediately call for emergency assistance. Even Apple CEO Tim Cook received a letter from him, and Cook replied.

News covered by WDRW

7. Apple Watch saves an aged’s life thanks to Fall Detection

In June 2020, Jim Salsman, 92, climbed a ladder to chase some pigeons out of a grain bin. The ladder was pushed over by the wind, which caused him to fall more than 20 feet to the ground. He tried to use Siri to make a call, but the Apple Watch was prepared.

His Apple Watch’s Fall Detection function activated as planned when he fell to the ground. The nearby volunteer fire department received an emergency alert as a result. Not only did it alert the emergency services, but they could also locate him thanks to the Apple Watch’s GPS.

News covered by KETV

8. A Maine woman’s Apple Watch helps her discover a heart tumor

Kim Durkee purchased an Apple Watch to track her steps when she went on walks, but something strange occurred after wearing it for two years. Her Apple Watch alerted her to a possible atrial fibrillation-related irregular heartbeat. She assumed it must have been an error the first time it occurred. 

But the Apple Watch continued to alert her over the next several days. She was astonished to discover she had a non-cancerous cardiac growth after various examinations by medical personnel. After surgery to remove the tumor, she claims her Apple Watch saved her life from a heart attack. 

News covered by Today

9. Apple Watch detects A-Fib and saves life

Chris Mint, a 30-year-old active fanatic, was in good health and used an Apple Watch to log his exercise. One day, it began alerting him that he could develop atrial fibrillation, a disease that can be deadly if not properly treated and monitored.  

He went for medical professionals and got a thorough examination. Mint had two leaky heart valves discovered in the test reports. His medical professionals warned him that the unidentified ailment may have resulted in a heart attack or stroke without the alert from the Apple Watch. 

News covered by Fox News

10. Hit-and-run victim saved, credited Apple Watch 

A Minnesota resident Michael Brodkorb was struck by a car in front of his driveway. When he was unable to react and went numb for a period, his Apple Watch used Fall Detection to identify the impact and called 911 emergency services and informed his family.  

He only got rib and tailbone fractures and no fatal injuries as he received quick medical assistance. Besides, the driver, a 17-year-old kid, was located by police. 

Brodkorb mailed Apple to thank them saving his life and in return Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, wished him a speedy recovery and mentioned that this is why they design these types of features.  

News covered by CBS News

11. Apple Watch saves 83-year-old’s life

William Fryer, 83, of Cincinnati, was strolling along the Ohio River Trail when his legs gave up. There was nobody around, but his Apple Watch detected the fall, notified his daughter, and phoned emergency services via SOS. 

Cincinnati police rescued him, and paramedics took him to the hospital. Fryer undergone X-ray and reports showed a huge blood clot in his chest.  

Doctors removed the clot removed and informed that he suffered a high-risk pulmonary embolism. They also added that if not removed, the mortality rate might reach 50% after 30 days. 

News covered by WCPO

Other life-saving features available on Apple Watch

As we have seen, Apple Watch has served as a perfect health companion and is dedicated to enhancing users’ well-being. Want to know which iWatch health features came to the rescue and how you can benefit from them? Keep reading!

Low Cardio Fitness notifications

Mobility and cardio fitness on Apple Watch is excellent predictors of long-term well-being and general physical health. You can track cardiovascular fitness (VO2 max) and measure your walking efficiency (walking speed, step length, double support time, and asymmetry). 

Emergency SOS

Apple Watch saves lives thanks to the built-in emergency SOS feature. Whenever your watch detects extreme trouble or medical concerns, it sends an alert to your nearby emergency services along with your location. Therefore, if you cannot call for help, Apple Watch will do it on your behalf.  

Crash detection

Apple Watch screen showing Crash Detected

Apple added a sophisticated variant of fall detection to the Apple Watch Series 8 called crash detection. If you don’t answer within 20 seconds after your Apple Watch detects a vehicle collision, it will activate Emergency SOS on your Apple Watch.

So, your location and an alert will be shared with the emergency services and contacts. Apple Watch uses its in-built gyroscope, motion sensors, accelerometer, microphone, GPS, and barometer readings to use the function efficiently.

Medical reminder

Log medications into Apple Watch

Apple Watch lets you monitor and manage their prescriptions and set medication reminders on your Apple Watch. Patients may examine their active medication list, track medication adherence over time, and get reminders to record planned pills. 

Also, the app lets you register any drugs you’ve taken to help you remember when and how much you’ve taken. 

Noise-level notifications

Check Noise Level in Real Time with Apple Watch

The Noise app from Apple monitors the volume of adjacent noises and their timing. The watch will vibrate briefly to warn you if you spend too much time near loud sounds or if the volume becomes too high. It may also alert you if you’ve repeatedly been exposed to noises over 80 dB. 

However, you may fully disable this function or configure it to sound a warning when the volume is between 80 and 100 decibels. Medical experts say exposure to noise levels exceeding 70 dB for a sustained time may harm hearing.


Why is Apple Watch so popular?

Apple Watch is equipped with several health monitoring and sports tracking features. The Apple Watch Series 8 is best for health-concerned people, especially women, as it offers cycle tracking and an ovulation tracker. In contrast, the Apple Watch Ultra is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts thanks to its Siren, Backtrack, Depth app, etc. features.

Get an edge over your health with your Apple Watch!

Apple Watch has revolutionized the wearable technology industry with its life-saving features. Its ability to detect irregular heartbeats, falls, and potential emergencies have proved invaluable in various scenarios. We can expect even more innovative features that prioritize the health and well-being of users.

But, it is essential to remember that it should not replace professional medical care. Instead, the watch can be an added tool to help individuals monitor their health and provide peace of mind. Ultimately, the Apple Watch has shown that technology can be used to save lives and enhance our overall well-being.

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